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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: What is Royalty-Free content?

Royalty-Free is a licensing concept where you don't have to pay any additional fees (royalties) for repeated use of the content after paying the initial licensing fee.

When you license an image, you do not own the copyright of the image; you merely purchase the rights to use that image legally without additional fees or interruption from the copyright owner as long as that the scope of use remains within the StockUnlimited License Agreement. Do note that royalty-free content cannot be distributed, resold or transferred to another owner.

Q: How will I be able to download free content?

It’s easy. You just need to create a free account with us and you’d be able to download right away!

Q: Are the files marked “free” really free? Are there any restrictions on the usage?

Definitely! Content that are marked "free" can be used for any purpose as long as it complies with our Standard License. Keep an eye out for our content marked "free" in the search results and download away! Do take note that you are not allowed to distribute the content.

medical infographics : medical infographics

Q: I have a free account. Why can't I download more than 10 files in a day?

As a free account user, there is a download limit of 10 files per day. If you've reached your quota for the day, you may return the next day to download more files or upgrade your account to get unlimited downloads immediately.

Q: How do I remove the watermark?

You can remove the watermark by logging into StockUnlimited with a valid user profile. The watermark automatically disappears after you download the file.

Q: Can I download a composition image?

Yes, StockUnlimited offers free watermarked low resolution comp vectors for mock-up purposes only. To download a comp vector, right click and save the preview images from its content detail page. Comp images may NOT be used in a final project.

Q: What is the "single payment" option when I click on one of the images or audio clips?

This is a new feature whereby you can opt for purchasing a single image or audio rather than purchasing a subscription from us. This is especially useful if you are only looking for a one-off image or audio from our collection.


Q: Who owns the copyright to the content on the site?

The copyright is owned by StockUnlimited or its suppliers whereby StockUnlimited manages the copyright of the suppliers’ content on their behalf. When you pay for a subscription, we grant you the right to use the content you have downloaded according to our license agreement.

Q: What rights do I have when my subscription ends?

You can continue to use any royalty-free content that has been downloaded and used in projects. Everything you downloaded is yours to keep and use forever. However, you must not assume or deem the ownership and rights (including the copyright) in the content.

Q: What projects can I use the images for?

StockUnlimited royalty-free content can be used in many different types of project such as commercial or non-commercial websites, web banners, newsletters, PDF documents, blogs, emails, slideshows, standard-resolution TV and video presentations, and mobile phone apps.

StockUnlimited content can also accompany magazine articles, books, advertising, brochures, documents, illustrations, booklets, billboards, business cards, and packaging, high-resolution videos, and presentations where the value of the images is not the main value of the overall project.

Q: Can I use the files that I have downloaded as my company logo?

No. Usage of vector icons as company logo is not allowed under our license agreement. It is also likely that the content have been downloaded and used in other contexts by others. Therefore, you would not be able to protect it as a trademark or service mark.

Q: Can I use royalty-free files that I have downloaded, in editorial articles and other publications?

Yes, the usage is allowed under our license agreement. You can use our content in editorial articles and other publications with a Standard License except for book covers which you will need to purchase an Extended License separately.

Q: What is an Extended License and why would I need to use one?
An Extended License is just an extension of the standard license. Extended License is important if you are planning to use images for resale / merchandizing purposes. Each image requires its own Extended License which could be obtained at $20 each.

Some situations where an Extended License is required:
  • Printing graphics on t-shirts, mugs and posters.
  • Using graphics for a mobile game application that generates revenue (either from app purchases or in-app ads)
  • Printing images on greeting cards for sale.
  • Selling CD remixes with a graphic on the cover

Q: How do I purchase an Extended License? How much does it cost?

Extended License cost $20 each and can be purchased from here.

Q: Can I use the Extended License I’ve purchased for a particular image indefinitely?

Yes you can use it forever, subject to the limitations mentioned in clause 9 of the StockUnlimited content license.

Q: Can I sell or giveaway the content I have downloaded if I bought Extended Licenses?

No. You may not sell or giveaway the content you have downloaded, with or without an Extended License. Both our Standard and Extended License only grants you permission to use the content for yourself or for client work.

Q: Can I use the Extended License I purchased for a content on more than one product for resale?

You can use the Extended License for multiple products with the exception of print runs.

Q: Can I apply an Extended License to content marked “For Editorial Use Only”?

Nope. Content marked “For Editorial Use Only” may only be used for editorial purposes and may not be used for commercial purposes.

Q: I am a freelancer and I help clients to build websites / create commissioned works. Can I use them with the normal license or do I need to purchase Extended Licenses?

Yes, you can use our content with just the Standard License as the usage is allowed under our license agreement. Do note that this applies only for building a one-off website or commissioned work. Non-editable templates such as Wordpress themes would require you to purchase Extended License for each individual content.

Q: Do I need Extended License for e-learning courses?

No, you can use our content with just the Standard License as long as we get attribution and mentions. Kindly use the below attribution (backlinks would be preferable) in the video or in the description box as applicable:

“Audio from StockUnlimited.com” or "Images from StockUnlimited.com”

Q: Can I make templates in editable formats for sale?

No, you are not allowed to make templates in editable formats as that constitutes distribution usage.

Accounts, Billing & Invoicing

Q: I just want to browse your site. Do I need to register?

No, you’re welcome to browse and search without registering!

Q: Will my subscription be automatically renewed?

Your subscription will be automatically renewed if you are on our monthly or annual subscription plans. The auto renewal will occur within 24 hours of expiry. However, the 3 years access is a one-off payment.

Q: How do I stop my subscription from the auto renewal?

You can do so by logging into your account, go to 'Purchase Plan' and click on the 'Stop Subscription' button. This will prevent your account from being automatically renewed once your subscription expires.

Q: How does the 7 day money back guarantee work? Can I get a refund?

We offer a 100% refund if you cancel within the first 7 days of signing up. You can do so by logging into your account and go to 'Purchase Plan' and click on the 'Stop Subscription' button.

Once that is completed, you can proceed to submitting your request for a refund via the link here.

If you cancel your subscription after 7 days, your cancellation will take effect from the next billing period. You will have full download access to StockUnlimited until the end of the current billing period.

7 day money back guarantee does not apply for download packs.

Q: Can I share my account with other users?

No, your account is personal to you, and usernames and passwords may not be shared.

Q: The voucher code I bought does not work. Can you please assist me with this?

Please check the expiry date for your voucher code in your invoice or promotional material. This is mentioned on the page you purchased the voucher code. If it has expired, we would be unable to reactivate it for you as it is past the due date for redemption.

Q: Can I get a pricing quote for multiple users?

We only offer the bulk discount if you have more than 20 users. You can contact us at info@stockunlimited.com for more details.

Technical Support

Q: Why can’t I login?

Please ensure that your browser accepts cookies, and your firewall doesn't block outgoing information. Ensure your caps lock is off, as the login and password fields are case sensitive. If you continue to experience problems, clear your cache and delete your Internet history. You should also speak to your network administrator to make sure there are no firewalls, VPN or proxy server settings blocking the StockUnlimited website.

Q: Why does the system log me out automatically?

The system will log you out automatically if it detects a simultaneous login with the same username elsewhere. Please note under our terms of use, you are not permitted to share your account with others.

Q: How can I change my registered email?
Currently, you are unable to change your registered email yourself. To change your registered email, please contact us at info@stockunlimited.com with the following:
  • A proof of your ownership (such as a purchase invoice or receipt)
  • Current registered email
  • New email

Q: How can I delete my account?

We would be able to help you deactivate your account if you contact us at info@stockunlimited.com.

Q: Why do I have to input a CAPTCHA password every time I would like to download a file?

CAPTCHA prompt only shows itself once a user reaches more than 200 downloads a day. This is to reduce abuse by users who use bots to scrape our site for data.

For free users, CAPTCHA prompt would appear once a user reaches more than 50 downloads a day.

Partnerships & Affiliate Programs

Q: How do I become a part of your affiliate program?

You can join our Affiliate Program simply by getting your unique referral link from the link here. You will earn $10 USD for every new registration that subscribes to a subscription plan via your referral link.

Q: Do you have an API?

We work with select partners where there is a strategic fit to our business. All API related queries should be directed to info@stockunlimited.com with details about your business, traffic and licensing requirements.

Subscription Plans vs Download Packs

Q: How does a subscription plan differ from a download pack?

A subscription plan lets you download unlimited number of images. Your subscription plan will renew itself on a monthly/annually/3 yearly basis (depending on the plan you chose). You may continue to download content for as long as your subscription plan is active.

On the other hand, a download pack is like a prepaid plan where you purchase tokens which will be deducted with every download. You token will expire after a year from the date of purchase.

Q: What are the subscription plans / download packs available?

Please refer to the pricing plan for specifics. All subscription plans / download packs provide up to size XXL resolution photos (JPEG) or vectors (EPS).

All subscription plans will be automatically renewed, unless you choose to cancel it.
All download packs will not be automatically renewed, and will expire after 1 year from the date of purchase.

Q: I am downloading the same content. Is it considered multiple downloads?

Nope. Downloading the same content will not be considered multiple downloads.

Q: Can I redownload content which I've downloaded earlier after my subscription plan / download pack expires?

Yes, you may re-download already licensed imagery free of charge, even after your subscription plan / download pack has expired - so long as the content has not been withdrawn by the content provider.

Q: I already have a subscription for images and audio. Does it also include fonts and templates?

No, your current subscription will not include fonts and templates, unless you upgrade your subscription to include them.

If you need any further support, please email us at info@stockunlimited.com